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Do girls like nice cars

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I love black women but also like do girls like nice cars and indiansI'm white 6 foot 2 240 pounds bald with a doo at me ladies I wanna bury my face between your legsput TASTE ME in the subject line so I know you're real. M4w Married male seeking for cyber buddies.

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Do girls really go for guys with nice cars? Thread starter Heretolearn Start date Apr 18, Heretolearn Master Don Nixe. Joined Nov 25, Messages Reaction score 7. If so why? Is a man's car important to a woman? Any stories with cars and women?

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ThreeStorms Senior Don Juan. Joined Jul 15, Messages Reaction score 2.

I Am Wanting Sex Date Do girls like nice cars

Oh man. This depends on so many factors it's impossible to answer in a few words. You know what's more important than the car?

tirls That a MAN is driving it. Greasy Pig Master Don Juan. I think women do judge a man more in his car than his physical attributes a bit of the time.

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In saying carss, I don't think I've been laid because of my car but I think I've definitely not been laid because of my car. I believe drivibg a nice car or even a flash sports puerto banus sex should be part of your whole "life improvement strategy". Espi Master Don Juan. A man's car reflects his status.

What gets her motor running: What women think of men based on their cars - The Globe and Mail

virgin wanting sex Joined Oct 19, Messages Reaction score 8 Age Espi said:.

A woman's view of what makes a car "nice" tends to be different from a man's. They obviously recognize expensive brands like bmw and mercedes, but beyond that women like traits like clean, shiny, smells good, and pretty. Men tend to care about what is under the hood, speed, horsepower, and handling. Do girls like nice cars what men like is expensive, so most car manufacturers much prefer to look girks instead of actually being fast.

I carw care less what car he has But if he's nice and owns an old falling apart car, well he's still better than the jerk Remember, girls who date jerks don't think enough of themselves to be with nice guys Your likee Do girls like nice cars sooo not! Although everyone on here apparently would think so It was still a pretty sweet car!

Nothin wrong with the one you have now Stop watching Need for speed!

Do girls like nice cars Want Sex Dating

Bet more on the nice and caring guy and be more confident do girls like nice cars your look. Don't even think about showing off with your car or driving like cras. Those car you have are indeed nice, but only porsches etc. IMO, guys who use nice car to attract girls are jackasses. They feel a need to use something material and not internal to attract girls?

They are probably more materialistic and shallow. You would probably be attracting wrong type of girls.

Do girls like nice cars

Wait, actually you would be attracting the 'right type' of girls 'for you'. I got a red Pontiac Solstice convertible.

It looks awesome. I am asswhole?

My car has saved my life in many ways. I was always quiet and had a girlss like the Great Wall of China with women for years until I got my car.

liie I'm still shy but the car does get girls looking at me more often and I have been able to do girls like nice cars to them. Cars do not play any role in how attracted I am to a guy. I could honestly couldn't care less about what type of car a guy drives. I don't think I deserve a down arrow for giving my opinion.

Most girls wouldn't do girls like nice cars twice about what a guy drives. And you know what your right it is questionable for someone our age, but nicr me cars is a passion I like to step out of a nice car, and I do it in a responsible way because I do have other poly dating sites to pay and other responsibilities.

I've developed a prejudice against guys in nice cars because of that Because they think their god's gift to women and can't imagine gilrs a girl is a good driver. I hate that lol. I'm 19 and drive an '08 cobalt coup with racing stripes.