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Port Fairy boy in need of spanking

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Port Fairy boy in need of spanking

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I Searching Sex Tonight Port Fairy boy in need of spanking

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Were you spanked as a child?

Do you spank your kids? Joined Mar 1, My toddler has been acting up lately, so I've talked to a few friends about it.

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I'm surprised how many of my friends have said that they spank their toddlers! I didn't think spanking was done much these days. I was curious, so I read up on it a bboy. So that got me to wondering Not child abuse or hitting out of anger.


I only remember being spanked once as a kid. I never felt devalued or unloved.

I probably deserved it! Having said that, I'm a long way off from spnaking like spanking is a possible solution for my family. Joined Jul 3, Joined Sep 29, Joined Dec 14, SDFgirl said: Joined May 23, I was never spanked.

I also plan to never spank my children. I have been through foster care training and plan to foster one day.

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You are not allowed to spank foster children. This is because so many have been abused. I odessa backpage escort a fairly extensive child psychology background and teach kids with porrt problems so I have learned ways to help shape a child's behavior without the need for corporal punishment.

Joined Feb 13, port Fairy boy in need of spanking Yes, I turned out okay. Yes my kids get spanked and the seem to be turning out okay.

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Fintastic Living vicariously. Joined Oct 6, porrt I was spanked as a kid. I don't think it ruined me for life, but even then I realized that my parents were just being lazy and acting out of anger.

I can't bring myself to spank DD. I just can't. For one thing it's a zpanking struggle - the big person showing the little person who's boss.

Sounds like bullying to me! For another, why would I purposely try to inflict physical pain on the person I brought into this world to love and care for?

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NMAmy Can speak food in German. Joined Oct 25, Yes, I was spanked as a child. No, I never spanked my own child. She's 18. I actually was more tempted to spankinf it when she was about 13 than I ever was when she was a toddler.

I Am Ready Sex Chat Port Fairy boy in need of spanking

We both turned out okay. I just think I had more patience than my mother did and was more willing to try other ways of disciplining. My mom used to give me a hard time about it but even she admitted that dd behaved and still behaves just fine.

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adult wants hot sex Canjilon SydneyFalco They're good dogs, Brent. Joined Oct 10, No spankings, but I did have my face pushed into port Fairy boy in need of spanking bowl of chicken pot pie one night when I was complaining too. One of the saddest things about our deciding not to have kids is I will never get to do this to one of my. My father's unique parenting tactics on that night deserve homage.

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Joined May 5, I can remember being spanked once as a child -- I was about 4 years old and wouldn't stop dancing in front of the TV after my dad told me to stop. I was a big whiner, but I don't think port Fairy boy in need of spanking was related to the spanking! I think my 4 ladies seeking real sex Havre old self thought "Oh, Dad means business I'm gonna be good from here on out, because I don't want that to happen.

Gosh, we like to joke about dancing in front of the TV and how it is a big no-no. Joined Aug 2, My kids are older and are far too old to spank.

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Escort service in hamburg works best. Tell the child what you want. Do not negotiate, do not explain or be wordy just very simply "it is time to do this now" port Fairy boy in need of spanking need to stop this now". However you chose to punish make it consistant. I was at a water park with my son. There was a family with 2 young kids there. I guess the kids took off on the parents. This is what I witnessed.

Port Fairy boy in need of spanking I Search People To Fuck

Dad "why did you do that" kid "I want to swim" Mum "you can never run away. We need to see you" Kid "ok" Mum "That's a deal. We will shake on it and you won't do it again" Seriously Mum chasing after the child in a circle at the bus stop.

Continually saying "if you don't put on SS you won't get on the bus we will go back to the room. I would have spent the day in port Fairy boy in need of spanking room. Sure I would be ticked but really florida and no SS? Toddlers are hard escorts in martinsburg they do grow up. Joined Sep 25, Never spanked.

Have never spanked. Violence begets violence is the phrase my mother used to say. Joined May 13, Oh boy. Wish I had saved all of my previous posts on this topic every time it pops up. I think I'll singles to meet and fuck Ghana until later before I jump in with both feet. What are these kids doing that makes these other moms "Spank"? Joined Jan 18, Yes I was spanked on the behind with a belt port Fairy boy in need of spanking sometimes even "switched" - some of you will know what that is.